hahaha…..I am already 23 years old but I don’t think I am qualified to be 23. Not yet. I still wanna be young, free and happy but who says you can’t feel young and happy when you reach 23?

Nothin much happened on my birthday. I received several sms, calls and wishes through internet from friends, MTU geng and officemates. Thanks a lot. It really cheered me up. The first sms came at 12.05 am. It was the best sms I had ever received so far. Thank you.

In the morning, my friend and I went to a clinic. We’ve been planning this for quite some times and we think this is the good time to do it. Whooaa…what the hell is this? hehehe….hate to say this but I am on a diet program. That’s right, me…on a diet program. kehkehkeh….hate it coz not much youngsters at the clinic yesteday and I nearly walked out of the clinic, changing my mind. But I hate the fact that I started to loose the energy that I need daily and my back and knee starts to gives me pains. Some officers from our previous practical training office suggested us this place and we’ve seen the result coz three of the officers attended it and it works well on them.

Today, the program begins. We were given three types of medicine and a routine of meals that we must follow. The doctor was quite strict and she wants us to loose 5 kg by the time we meet in the next meeting, that will be in 2 weeks in time. I only ate one toast and a cup of milo (my mom thought I can take milk). Then the medicine helps me not to feel hungry. Then I had a plastic of watermelon and plain water. That’s pretty cool because I didn’t feel hungry at all but then the programs ended when my officemates and I went to celebrate my birthday at Chop n Steak( They gave me a nice maroon shirt which they said they want me to wear when meeting client since I don’t have formal shirts to wear). They don’t know that I am trying to cut down my food and I just had to gobble down a piece of beed steak and teh tarik. But it was fun. We chat and chat. We are in the planning of buying over the company but it will needs lots of money. We are still thinking about it. Hopefully it will comes true. So, the diet was ruined by the time I reached home. My parents were laughing when they heard my story. So, I had to start it again tomorrow and hopefully will be able to stick to it till night….duhh…






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