Semalam Yang Hangit

as usual after class di opis aku ke unitar utk attend kuliah. Lepas class, aku dan laptopku menuju ke workstation and I was so shocked to find out that we are, the laptop user are no longer be given access to the internet. Whatt!!! Just because the tech staff caught a student chatting using his laptop and that stupidas’s IP were blocked by the system admin and the dude managed to somehow change his IP and still get access, the Dean decided to block all access for other laptop user. Hey, do u think we buy this laptop without purpose? You should thank us who willingly sacrifice our money to get ourself a laptop to giveaway chances to other students who can’t afford to have one or who is not willing to spend the money for a laptop to use the pcs that are provided in the lab. Besides, sometimes we have to download huge files which definitely can’t fit into the floppy disk. I wonder what other stupid rules Unitar will create in the future. Here I am stucked in a classroom (luckily it is empty) and thank God it still has the internet access.

Yesterday was a horrible day. Besides the problem of accessing to LAN, I was stucked with a bunch og blue-minded guys at the cafe behind our campus. There was this girl which I had never met and somehow the others knows her and she starts to have sex talk with the other and join them smoking. Urrghhh……I just can’t stand it. Quickly finished my meal and drink, I dismissed politely and walked to my car. Sitting in there at 5pm on Saturday evening with no where to go except home. I called a friend but she was heading towards PD with her fiancee. Luckily I called my officemates and they were heading towards nearby mall. Yippee….at last. I drove there and we chat and chat. We plan to go somewhere for dinner but ended up at my manager’s house having burger and watching a drama on tv. Arrived home after midnight and dozzed off till morning…….






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