CBN 110th celebration dinner & merchandise

Thanks to Facebook, I got to know about this event. Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN) will celebrate its 110th years of glory this year. Perghh…dan umur 110 tahun rupanya skolah aku ni. Sherrina blaja di CBN ni dari Form 1 sampai Form 3 tapi sangat banyak yang dipelajari dan kenangan di sini.

Sempena dengan sambutan 110 tahun, ada CBN’ers yg hasilkan merchandise. Rasanya ni dari alumni CBN. Dapat info ni melalui Facebook. Tolong promote disini lah. CBNers yg nak beli, sila dapatkan maklumat contact di bawah…

Topi: RM15

Payung silver: RM25

Payung biru: RM35

Purple sling bag: RM10

Blue sling bag: RM10

Keychain: RM15

car sticker: RM10

Sapa nak beli, leh call Aimy Rashid at 019-2329973.


Ni pula maklumat untuk CBN 110th Anniversary Dinner.

Date: 8th November 2009
Time: 7pm
Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, KL.

Tickets: Platinum RM50k, Gold RM10k, Silver RM5k (tables of 10 pax)
Ordinary tables of 10 pax – RM1.5k

So, one pax is RM150 la 😉

So, get your friends and book the tables fast, we’ll start taking the booking anytime now. If you wish to be seated with your friends, then, better to book a table of 10.

Do contact me 019-2329973 or Puan Aishah 012-2123752 or Puan Linda 012-3991517 for table bookings and enquiries.

Oh, we are looking for gifts for lucky draw too, so, let us know should you girls are able to find sponsors!!!

Long Live CBN!!! 🙂


CBNers, block ur schedule. I’m trying to get 10 people so that I can booked 1 table for us. Leh dok sama-sama. So far yg dah confirm 3 orang. So dapat lagi 7 orang, dah leh booked lah. Booked dengan duit lah. So sapa nak join, sms me. Jomlah gi dinner, bila lagi. Takkan nak tunggu dah bercucu, kot….kah kah kah…..

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