Learning Chess

I find that many of children nowdays do not know how to play chess. That’s very weird because chess was a very popular game among children when I was a kid.

After several discussion and brainstorming session, I decided to organize a chess camp for my students. Not many knows that chess can be use to help undiscipline student as well as weak students.

In US there is even a U.S Chess Centre/ where they organize weekly class as well as tournament among members.

Why learn chess? According to U.S Chess Centre:

Feeling that chess could serve many valuable goals, several community leaders started forming the idea that was to become the U.S. Chess Center. The goals included:

  • Improving academic skills and test scores.
  • Increasing childrens’ attention spans.
  • Teaching young people that they have control over much of their environment, so that the decisions that they make will have consequences in the future, even if all of those consequences are not immediately apparent.
  • Bringing together students from a wide range of backgrounds in a safe, fun setting.
  • Increasing students’ self-confidence.
  • Awakening an interest in learning and achievement in students of all ages.

I am currently looking for method to teach children on how to play chess. If you have any info or knows any website that offer such thing, please share it with me 🙂

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