lamanya tak menulis disini. hampir sebulan. bukan kerana malas. tapi kekeringan idea. tak buat aktiviti fotografi pon lately nie, that’s why takde mende nak update. lagipun sibuk dengan mid term exam dan kelas tuisyen.

I’m sure this one is a late review but I still want to write about it. I went to Times Square last sunday hoping to catch up with the Sepet movie but unfortunately it was only available at Mid Valley’s GSC. Oh well, since me and my friend were already there, we choose 5 Children and It instead. The movie was great. It’s slightly like Sounds of Music. I mean the period of time was during World War 1 but the “It” is the main character that lighten up the whole movie. Catchy dialogue and jokes makes me laugh throughout the 1 hour and 45 minutes. I think I started to like GSC Times Square coz it’s as cosy as TGV KLCC. The best part, no long queue on Sunday. Kewl eh!!

So, I missed Sepet at the cinema. But my friend told me that the vcd is already available at the store just in front of the GSC cinema. cehh….apalagi. beli cd lah.

Macam review2 yang lain, citer nie bukan meleleh cam citer yg biasa kita tgk dlm tv atau wayang. It’s so close to real life, realiti hidup. Kisah percintaan yang selamba. But aku confused sket dengan ending dia. Jason was shot or was killed in the road accident? did he died? But I guess, tengok luka camtu sure susah nak survive. Tapi nampak cam bullet holes kat t-shirt dia. Anyway, one thing I learn from this movie is not all chinese people live rich and happy. Tapi mamat melayu bf si Lin tu memang cam bagus lah….karekter camnie memang bersepah. Rambut, baju cam omputeh tapi English kantoi.

Anyway, I did shed some tears at the end of the movie. Perghh…layan baik punye sampai meleleh. Harap2 ada sambungannya tapi biasanya sambungan mesti tak sebagus part 1. kenapa yek? The best scene yg sherrina suka dalam filem tu ialah masa dorang terkesima memandang each other masa beli vcd. so cute. eh, si Jason tu muka dia cam Tam Spider kan?

oklah, that’s all the latest from me. Nanti sherrina citer lain plak. anyway, I’ll be away for a few days next week. Pulau Redang……here I come!!!! yahooooo….mandi laut…mandi laut….mandi laut………

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