A Tour in the set of Harry Potter???

What a brilliant thing. I read about it in today’s The Star bout the trip to all places which are used as shooting set in the Harry Potter movies. Just paid the amount of 414 Galleons, 10 Sickles and 6 Knuts for adults and 248 Galleons, 12 Sickles and 15 Knuts for children, which in ringgit translates to RM7,596 for adults and RM4,556 for children, and you will get the chance to roam around the Hogwarts castle, rides on the Hogwarts Express, wearing the robes, attend the class of Divination, learn how to read palm, tea leaves and the best part, having dinner in the great hall! whoooaa…..that is so cool or what?? Check out the news, these two lucky girls were enjoying themselves!!!Harry Potter’s tours and also check out the website that conducted the tour:HP Fan Trips

Anyway, how’s ur days, people? I had some good and some bad days. I’m kind of under depressed now because something bad strikes me. I mean, something that I make it as part of my life has been taken away. Actually, it’s not something but someone. A good friend who had been with me during good and bad. I am still blur with what had happened but somehow she had been forbidden to have contact with me. I wil have the whole Sunday to think bout it. Now that what I got for being nice to people, eh? Stupid world!

On the other hand, I am enjoying myself with my PDA. It’s great to be able to download latest news and be able to read it using the pda. Still have lots more to learn and explore. PDA stuff has evolved quite a lot since the last time I owned the old one.

I’ve just finished reading Angel and Demon. Fantastic book, I would say. Dan Brown is a genius. Combines art, science and religions. A good book to accompany me when having the nice brewed coffee at Destina. Nice place to hang out for a quiet reading (depends on time). But I hate the part when they are using Muslim guy to perform their killing task. If you have read The Da Vinci Code, this book is a must. Too bad there’s no more books written by Dan Brown with Robert Langdon as the hero in it. I love that guy, most of the time I love his brain. One piece of genius. I’ve also learn about how the Vatican elected a new Pope through the conclave ceremony and plenty of history facts bout Christianity. No harm reading it for the sake of knowledge. But I find it quite amused when Kohler was blamed by the priest for not having enough faith (he was paralyzed because of high fever after his parents refused doctor’s help due to high faith in God’s healing power). But some says that Dan Brown was only creating the scene and most of it is not true. I have no idea bout that but I still enjoyed reading it.

Click here to read the excerpt of the book.

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Fast Fact from Angels and Demons:

The world’s largest particle physics laboratory is called CERN is located in Switzerland. It’s a place where great scientist work together to discover new scientific stuff. It is also the place where the World Wide Web was born created by Tim-Berners Lee which is a scientisst of CERN. WWW in CERN

The antimatter that Vittoria and her father were working on in the story is actually something that is now in the CERN lab. It’s a kind of energy which is greater than nuclear..

Galileo’s middle finger is still preserved till this day. It was cut because he was against the church (church doesn’t accept science as part of life).
Galileo Middle finger

The conspricacy of the one dollar bill

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