I want My Streamyx NOW!!!!

arrghhhh….I hate to see that beautiful Aztech DSL Modem just laid there on the floor unable to service me from last tuesday till now. I’v been making reports to the call centre, called the technician and the person who cam to my house to install the modem. I was told the technician in charge are attending a course for 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!! I can’t wait that longer. Am I the only Streamyx user in this area (Taman Melawati)? As if I leave in Hulu Tembeling. Huwaaa…when can I online 24/7 without having to worry about the dial up bill?? wuwuwuwuwu…….

Lawak Hari Ini

Adalah seorang pekerja Syria yang sedang bekerja di tingkat 13 sebuah bangunan. Tiba-tiba seorang berteriak-teriak, “Umar .. Umar .. anak perempuanmu Fatimah mati dilanggar kereta … Umar …!”

Kerana panik, orang Syira ini terus meloncat melalui jendela… dari tingkat 13. Ketika dia hampir mendekati tingkat 9, dia baru ingat bahawa dia tidak punya anak perempuan bernama Fatimah, setelah dia hampir mendekati tingkat 5, dia baru sedar bahawa dia belum menikah.. apalagi punya anak. Dan ketika dia hampir menyentuh tanah.. dia baru sadar bahawa namanya bukanlah Umar..

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